Jennifer West - Treasurer


Living on a lake has been a long-time dream for me. As a little girl, I spent summers on the Cape with my grandmother. We frequented the area’s lake and ponds and in my spare time, I would catch frogs in the cranberry bogs that abutted her home. Almost all my fond memories of growing up were in or around the water and in nature. Being in that atmosphere gave me a sense of peace and comfort.

As an adult, I have cultivated even more of a love of water and nature and have spent much of my free time out on the water, via rented homes or coming upon lakes and rivers during a hike. Each time, I would again feel that peace and comfort. In 2016, I decided to act on my dream and purchased my home on Ridge Road. I cannot tell you how much joy being on Country Pond has brought to me in such little time! 

Witnessing our cyanobacteria bloom last year, my second passion, protecting the environment, kicked in. I felt compelled to investigate the health of our precious resource, and work towards ways to protect, preserve and hopefully improve the water quality.

Working full time as a Regional Manager for a large apartment company, taking care of my home and my little fur buddy Reuben keeps me busy; however, I pledge to do everything I can for our cause so that our children and generations to come can experience the peace and joy of Country Pond.