Country Pond Lake Association

About Us

Mission statement

Welcome to Country Pond Lake Association (CPLA). Our mission is to maintain, protect and enhance the quality of Country Pond and its surroundings for the collective interests of our members and the community. 

We are committed to partnering with local, county and state organizations to identify which actions will be most beneficial to Country Pond so that we may continue to enjoy the recreational and environmental benefits of our beautiful lake.  

In our first year, we have:

  • Established a VLAP water testing program
  • Started a Weed Watchers invasive species monitoring program
  • Worked with the Soak up the Rain program
  • Joined NH LAKES

Our organization

Country Pond Lake Association is a registered NH non-profit corporation and is tax-exempt under IRS Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). The organization was founded in October 2017 and is run by a Board of Directors elected by its members.   Please see our Certificate on the Documents page.

We need your support

In  addition to time contributed by our members, there are costs associated  with operating an effective lake association. We need funds to:   

  • Continue our partner level NH LAKES membership
  • Continue our  NH Voluntary Lake Assessment Program water testing 
  • Establish a Lake Host program to prevent the introduction of invasive species
  • In partnership with the Rockingham Planning Commission and NH DES, develop a watershed management plan for Country Pond 
  •  Maintain this website  
  • Only with your donations can we implement these programs. 
    Please visit our membership page to join us

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