Want to Work Outside By THE lake this summer?


CPLA needs Lake Host Inspectors to conduct courtesy boat inspections at the Newton town boat ramp this summer. 

Lake Host Inspectors

Inspectors are stationed at the boat ramp to help prevent invasive species from being introduced into the  lake by performing courtesy boat and trailer inspections. They educate the public on aquatic invasive species and how to prevent their spread by arriving "Cleaned, Drained and Dry". Visitors to the boat ramp recognize Lake Host Inspectors as someone ‘official’ who are cooperative and friendly. For this reason, all Lake Hosts are required to be in uniform (wearing the blue shirt or sweatshirt and a smile) while on duty at the boat ramp.

Lake Host Inspectors do not enforce local or state ordinances, rules, or laws. They provide boaters with courtesy information about the laws in a nonthreatening manner, they do not enforce boater adherence to laws; deny boater access to the waterbody; or threaten to report them for any potential violations.

Lake Hosts can be either volunteers or paid employees.  No prior experience is needed - training will be provided by NH LAKES.

For more information on the Lake Host program, please visit the NH LAKES website, https://nhlakes.org/lake-host/

For a job description, please see 2019 Lake Host Inspector Job Description.  

To apply, please send your resume to countrypondla@gmail.com.

Our Team

Earth Day 2018 Clean Up Crew at the Newton Boat Ramp

Board of Directors

Gregory Senko, Kingston – President

Sue Zipkin, Newton - Secretary 

Jennifer West, Newton - Treasurer 

Linda Foss, Kingston – Communications

Tobi Howell, Newton - Weed Watcher Program Chair, Social Media Coordinator

Bill Cashin, Newton - Special Projects

Jeanne Cashin - Member-at-large 

Special Committees

Alicia Geilen, Newton - Water Testing Coordinator

Meet Our Directors

Greg Senko - President

Gregory Senko

Greg has always been passionate about spending time on the water, from learning to sail on the Charles River to racing catamaran sailboats to windsurfing, waterskiing, wakeboarding and ...

Sue Zipkin - Secretary


 Country Pond is much more than the lake that I live on, it is part of who I am. I have been coming to Country Pond since the 80's when one of my best friends bought a house in the Grove.  I always loved...

Jennifer West - Treasurer

Jennifer West

Living on a lake has been a long-time dream for me.  Witnessing our cyanobacteria bloom last year, my passion for protecting the environment kicked in. I felt compelled to work towards ways ...

Linda Foss - Communications

Linda Foss

 Linda moved to Kingston in 1997 and has found Country Pond to be the ideal place to raise a family and pursue her love of outdoor activities.  She welcomed the invitation to join with others... 

Tobi Howell - Weed Watchers, Social Media

Tobi Howell

 A world traveler, having worked in over 60 countries, Tobi was delighted to be able to purchase a waterfront property in New Hampshire where he could settle and relax ...   

BIll Cashin - Special Projects


 Listening to the waves lap the shore and watching the sunset have become two of my favorite things since lake living became a part of my life...  

Jeanne Cashin - Member-at-Large


 I am a people person and enjoy meeting new friends with every opportunity. We have met many wonderful people on and around this pond and were surprised to learn that there was no ... 


Meet Our Special Committee Members

Alicia Geilen - Water Testing


Alicia has been working the environmental field for over 30 years and holds a Master's degree in Environmental Policy. She currently works as the Conservation Agent for the town of Ipswich ...



Tully Zipkin - Former President


 It is Tully’s hope that Country Pond Lake Association will bring together not only the property owners on Country Pond but also others that enjoy and benefit from Country Pond ...