Tully Zipkin - Former PRESIDENT


From his grade school years at his uncle’s lake house, to becoming a PADI scuba instructor, to enrolling in an Earth Watch program to study Butterfly fish, to moving to Country Pond 15 years ago where he enjoys kayaking, wakeboarding, swimming, and classic jet skiing Tully has always had an affinity for both salt and fresh water environments and activities. 

Due to Tully and his wife Susan’s love of the water and Country Pond’s surrounding habitat and the desire to preserve it for all to enjoy, Tully and Susan have been active in both the Wilders Grove Cottage Association and the formation of Country Pond Lake Association.

It is Tully’s hope that Country Pond Lake Association will bring together not only the property owners on Country Pond but also others that enjoy and benefit from Country Pond, so they will have the ability to preserve its natural beauty and important environmental aspects.  Tully also hopes that the formation of Country Pond Lake Association will bring, by providing a communications path for all associated with the lake, a stronger voice to work with local, state, and federal authorities to gain resources to preserve and enhance the health of Country Pond.